Student entrepreneur shows creativity in creating online bookstore

The Neeley School of Business has a strong entrepreneurial background. It seems only natural, then, for the TCU Bookstore to have some competition from one bright business student.

Horned Frog entrepreneur Josh Dennis, who founded, and a team of three, claims to offer 20 to 60 percent discounts off the Barnes & Noble bookstore on campus and free delivery straight to the student’s door, provided it’s in the TCU area. Students just type in their course and department numbers and wait for the package to show up.

Dennis saw an area of need on campus and filled it with a savvy business idea that could give the TCU bookstore a run for its money – literally and figuratively.

Putting a college education to good use is, after all, why TCU attracts some of America’s brightest minds. If it happens to butt heads with a revenue-driven university entity, that’s just a hazard of producing smart students.

Books from the university are already too expensive, and students are tired of shelling out the money for them – Daily Skiff opinion columns can attest to that – and it’s about time somebody stepped in to give students some relief from dropping the price of a down payment on a new car for books each semester.

Bills are starting to pile up on just about everybody nowadays, and students can use every opportunity they can get to shave a bit of the cost off an already rising TCU education.

Students should take advantage of good old American capitalism and check prices on before emptying their wallets for books from the corner of Berry and University. At a campus that’s trying to go green, it doesn’t hurt to save some either.

Managing editor Joe Zigtema for the editorial board.