Group hosts fair for area disadvantaged children

An event where student organizations collaborate and organize a “fair day” for underprivileged children will launch for the first time Saturday on the Campus Commons lawn, sophomore Kate Jones said.

“These children are a reality that they do need help and we can help them even with having something as simple as a fair day for them,” Jones said. “It means a lot to children when you give them attention and when you make them feel worthwhile.”

Frog Day, sponsored by the TCU chapter of Circle K International, is a way for the community to reach out and motivate others to do the same, Jones said.

Frog Day will have booths with activities and carnival games promoting the event’s themes: safety, fitness, teamwork, environmental and cultural awareness.

The day will start with volunteers taking the children to watch the volleyball game against Colorado State, Jones said.

The game tickets are provided through funds from Circle K’s past fundraisers, she said.

Circle K contacted businesses in the area to donate some of their products to be used as prizes for the event, said Kerry Seaver, president of Circle K.

“Some of the prizes were ordered from carnival stores,” she said. “Ben and Jerry’s donated pints, Putt-Putt donated golf coupons and Six Flags donated tickets to give away to the kids as an incentive to do well in school.”

Seaver said Frog Day is Circle K’s biggest event for the fall semester.

There are about 35 children invited from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Fort Worth to attend the fair.

The Boys & Girls Club is an organization that provides services, such as education programs, to disadvantaged children and adolescents.

Dora Uribe, Circle K’s contact in the Boys &Girls Club, was unavailable for comment.

Jones said Frog Day is different from LEAPS, another community service organization, because the activities are on campus.

Ryan Scarbrough, a sophomore member of Circle K, said Frog Day is more accessible to those who are wanting to help out.

“Being on campus makes it more convenient for some people who might be discouraged by going off campus to seek out volunteer opportunities,” he said.

About 40 volunteers are signed up, and anyone who wants to help is welcome to participate, Jones said.

Organizations like Soul Steppers, Calling In Action, Frogs for our Future, Frogs for Fair Trade and Brothers Under Christ are among those participating in the event, she said.

Jones pointed out that Circle K invited only one children’s organization to attend because of safety reasons.

“Nobody wants to believe that anything bad is going to happen,” she said. “But we still need to make sure that these kids are taken care of.”

TCU Police will be providing security to keep an eye on volunteers and children to ensure that everyone is safe and having a good time, Jones said.

Frog Day

When: 1-5:30 p.m. Nov. 8

Where: Campus Commons