Get the scoop on who’s on the ballot

This story was edited Nov. 11 at 11:45 a.m. to remove information from Justin LaPoten. He is no longer a candidate for vice president. Check back later for more information.


Kelly Barnes

Hometown: Austin

Year: Junior

Major: Political science

The role of the Student Body President is to represent the students’ interests. My platform aims to do just that.

Parking is a major issue for students, and I plan to address that through a safe parking garage. Many students are irritated when given their scheduled enrollment time for classes and are unable to make that time slot to register. I plan to create an automated system where students can input their top choices ahead of time and when their times comes up, the computer will register the student in all the classes that are open. I also feel that TCU Athletics lacks student support. I plan to work with the athletic department to increase student participation through a point system where students would swipe in to every game they attend, and at the end of the academic year, the top attendees would be given a predetermined prize. I also plan to get tailgates back in the Worth Hills area to unite the student body again. The new dining plan has created many problems, and I plan to form a student committee to investigate ways to improve the plan.

Kelsie Johnson

Hometown: Fort Worth

Year: Junior

Majors: Advertising/public relations and political science

My experience in Student Government Association and on campus is unmatched, and it will allow me to hit the ground running with this position. Some things I’d like to see if elected include increasing the storage size of student e-mail inboxes, introducing parking reform that would include students being allowed to park in the visitor’s lots on weekends, bringing safe, student-friendly tailgates (with alcohol for those over 21) to campus for the 2009 football season and making the “go green” idea a reality with specific, attainable goals. I would also like to get student input on how the meal plan can be made better in the future. What I really want students to know is that SGA is here to serve them, and I am very open to feedback and input from students.

Vice President

Matt Dietrichson

Hometown: Richardson

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Entrepreneurial management and psychology

TCU is a great school with countless features that set us above and beyond others. One of the coolest things about this school is how easily students can influence and dictate their own college experience. If elected, I am fully prepared to spend time listening and working on your behalf. Based upon my own observations and experiences, my current goals for the coming year include improving student tailgating, simplifying parking, offering additional meal plan options and initiating significant sustainability efforts on campus in the coming year. Additionally, I would like to introduce outdoor heating and lighting at Market Square, construct a new student seating area near the library, and based upon students’ opinions, decide how to best utilize the Pond Street Grill area. I have already been in discussion with a variety of sources regarding these issues and know that making significant changes will not be easy, but I have the experience and the desire to accomplish the goals. I am willing and truly excited to do the work needed to make positive things happen for our campus.

Matt Williams

Hometown: North Richland Hills

Year: Junior

Major: Computer information technology

My main objective is to bring what you, the TCU students, want to campus. I want to bring about a new representation to the TCU student body; a representation that treats each individual and organization with respect and recognition. While the other candidates have one background that they excel in, I feel that my well-rounded background and the wide selection of student organizations I am involved in give me the experience necessary to represent all groups of the TCU community. Some of my specific platform ideas include:

Working toward getting a more diverse selection of food at Market Square and 1873 Sports Bar & Grill.

Meeting with various dining services departments on campus to try to include Sub Connection and Bistro Burnett onto the one-free-meal-per-day swipe plan.

Negotiating a wider variety of off-campus dining to restaurants to join the ‘Frog Bucks’ way of paying for food such as Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut and others.

Implementing more inside and outside facilities in which the TCU community is all open to, which include more Mac rentals inside the library and 24-hour access to the basement of the library.

Working to establish a new winter academic term on campus that allows students to get a few extra classes out of the way.

Working closely with the treasurer to help allocate as much funding as possible for all student organizations.

Raising money to help fund and create scholarships that will help pay for students wanting to study abroad.


Marlon Figueroa

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Year: Sophomore

Major: Finance and German

Student body treasurer is one of the highest positions a student can achieve at TCU. The treasurer manages and budgets for more than $300,000. It is crucial to make sure that whoever holds that position will have the necessary experience and drive to take on such a huge responsibility. I truly believe that I am the only qualified candidate for such a job. I have already worked with more than half of the student budget. I have seen the successes and mistakes that have happened within SGA. I am ready to take on the position of treasurer and ensure that every student gets his or her money’s worth from the student body fee we all pay. I will restructure the activities Funding Board to make it accessible to every student organization. I will cut back on wasteful spending. I will bring back tailgates and fund part of them to offer a great environment for pregame activities. I will work hard to bring more popular performances on campus. I am going to be a proactive student body officer who will exceed every expectation that is required from the treasurer.

Greg Hamre

Hometown: Sugar Land

Year: Junior

Majors: Finance with minors in accounting and energy

In my opinion, a leader must do more than simply lead; he or she must reach out to all students, listen to their wants and needs and work with them to make those things become realities. If I am appointed as Student Body Treasurer, I will successfully manage the budget and act as a liaison between the Student Body and the Activities Funding Board. I will greatly enjoy this opportunity, so I have chosen to run for election. Goals I hope to achieve while in office include bringing back the tailgates, more big name concerts, a stronger dining plan and a parking garage.

Ryan Hoff

Hometown: Austin

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Finance, accounting and political science

My main goal is to make sure SGA is serving the student body and being fiscally responsible in the process. I want to balance the SGA budget and make sure we are keeping track of money that is distributed on campus. I am also a proponent of budgeting money for special projects that the candidates for president and vice president have in mind, such as tailgating and fixing the parking situation on campus. My mission is to serve the student body. I have already said that I will take all of the money awarded to me as compensation for being elected treasurer and put it back in the general funds for student body projects. I challenge my opponents to do the same so that SGA and the treasurer position can stick to serving the student body.

Kennedy Stewart

Hometown: Carrollton

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Advertising/public relations with a minor in psychology of leadership

For the past year, I have been an active member of Programming Council serving as the special events director. In this position, I have worked on events such as a Super Bowl party, a campuswide spa day during finals week, and now I am planning Holidays at TCU 2008. I have also participated in the Frog Aides freshman leadership program through SGA and now serve on its executive team.

I would love the chance to continue to plan such events and oversee the programming branch of Student Government with your help.

As Programming Council Chair, I would love to bring large scale events to TCU’s campus by focusing on what you, the students of TCU, would like to see. My goal is to utilize effective advertising so more students are better informed on the events that SGA hosts as well as wisely use the programming budget in a way to maximize its efficiency and success. My biggest priority will be the entertainment and enjoyment of TCU students.