Letter to the Editor: University should observe Veteran’s Day holiday

I write this letter as a concerned TCU student. Recently, I chose to write an argumentative essay on why schools should not have class on Veterans Day. Instead, we should observe such a day just as we observe any other holiday.

As I walked to class, I was interested to see what TCU had done to honor our veterans. What did I see? Nothing. No flags at half-staff, and no flags decorating campus. As I picked up my copy of the Skiff, like I do every day, I was expecting to see something patriotic, but there was nothing.

To whoever is in charge: this needs to change. I mean you can print a joke, top movies and business ads, but you can’t even put an American flag in the paper? Let’s be real here. Show some sort of appreciation for your freedom and those who made it possible. At least mention it is Veterans Day and say some sort of thank you. I would hope in future years much more is done on such an important day.

Matthew Harris is a freshman communication studies major from San Diego.