Cheers, jeers of the semester

Cheers to the university for adding new majors and minors and continuing to give students more choices. In the immortal words of “Schoolhouse Rock,” “Knowledge is power!”

Jeers to the new meal plan. The administration failed to listen to student concerns from the conception of the plan. Now the lack of flexibility of the plan has robbed previously popular Pond Street Grill of business and students of options.

Cheers to the Board of Trustees for lowering the tuition increase rate from 8 percent to 5 percent. Thanks for being sensitive to students’ concerns in light of the financial crisis.

Jeers to those who responded to Obama’s election victory with hateful comments and irrational actions. Given our nation’s current struggles, partisanship will only make solving these problems more difficult.

Cheers to all of the individual and university efforts to make campus a little more green – without sacrificing any of the purple.

Jeers to alcohol prohibition at student tailgates this year. Don’t force students to drink off campus and drive to games.

Cheers to those who raised their voices with a vote in this year’s presidential, congressional and campus elections.

Jeers to fans of Horned Frogs athletics who didn’t show up to games, depriving athletes of the support they deserve.

The Skiff editorial board.