Counterpoint: Obama signifies end of the status quo

Finally, the day has come when we can begin a positive change for our nation.

The past eight years have left our economy and civil liberties in the tank, and executive authority expanded to the point that must have the Founding Fathers turning in their graves.

As power shifts to President Obama, it will come as a complete contrast to the Bush doctrine.

We have one important change already enacted on day one – the opportunity to hope for a better future.

Change was the battle cry of Obama’s campaign and the foundation of his belief system. There is no doubt that he will change the status quo.

As a former professor of constitutional law, Obama has a deep-seated love and respect for the constitution and has vowed to reverse many of the executive orders Bush used to expand his authority and legalize things like waterboarding.

It is impossible to know everything the future will bring, such as how long the economy will be in a downturn, how many jobs will be cut and how many more companies will want tax dollars for another ever-dreaded bailout.

But we do know some things for sure.

We know we can look forward to a gradual end to the war in Iraq which has cost thousands of lives and drained our nation financially. We know we can look forward to improved standing in the eyes of the world, and we can expect a shift in executive attitudes toward equality, fairness and respect of everyone in America and even beyond.

As he stated in his election victory speech, “This is our moment. This is our time.”

And although this time is scary, with Obama leading us we can’t just resign ourselves to the idea that change is impossible. If we don’t believe in our own ability to make a difference, how can we expect other nations to look to us for guidance.

Bush’s tyrannical reign will officially end at noon today. Let the bells ring, whistles blow and confetti be thrown at this joyous occasion, and don’t stop believing the “yes we can” philosophy.