Point: Expectation that Obama will fix economy unrealistic

Today marks the beginning of “change.”

It is a change from Bush and what Americans have felt both dissatisfied and comfortable with, but the fact is that we are still in an economic crisis, and no amount of goodwill and high hopes can get us out of it.

Despite the variety of political views, backgrounds and majors here at TCU, everyone is in for a world of hurt after graduation no matter who the president is.

It can’t be said that people seeking jobs in fields that were traditionally safe, such as business, nursing or education, shouldn’t worry, because lately nothing looks hopeful.

You may have noticed that gas prices and the roller-coaster ride that we call a stock market are completely out of control.

Other than an additional $825 billion in proposed bailouts, which did little or nothing the first time around, we haven’t seen anything that would make us believe Obama can change anything.

The national debt is more than $10 trillion and has increased by an astonishing $3.37 billion every day since September 2007.

And yet somehow Obama’s plan to spend billions of dollars while in office seems to soothe the minds of we the people. If the idea to pay off everyone’s mortgages and school loans solidifies during his term, then yes, change would definitely be in America. But is it a change for the better?

It is an entirely unrealistic expectation that Obama will float into the Oval Office on wings of seraphim and America’s problems will magically be repaired.

Every president hopes to change America, and now America is taking a deep breath and plunging into the next four years, not really knowing what to expect. We’re all in eager anticipation for what’s going to come. Just take a deep breath and hold on, if not for a year then for another four.