Campus Voices: Have you given up anything because of the recession?

Campus Voices: Have you given up anything because of the recession?

“I stopped shopping at grocery stores, I started shopping at Wal-Mart, because it’s actually cheaper. I’ve been more cautious of driving around… I’ll get all my errands done in one day so I don’t waste as much gas.”

Crystal Johnson, senior fashion merchandising major from Southlake.

“I gave up Starbucks and I’m learning how to cook from all of my relatives so I don’t have to eat out. I don’t have any cable TV anymore.”

Sarah Dombrowsky, junior writing major from Grand Prairie.

“I left my car at home this semester. I walk a lot more now and I have cut back on shopping, clothes-wise.”

Kara Coburn, sophomore marketing management major from Colleyville.

“I haven’t given up anything. Absolutely nothing. My life has not changed at all. I still go to the same gas station, I still drive the same car, I still go to TCU, I still study pre-med.”

Samim Giotis, junior pre-med major from Fort Worth.

“On my minutes for my cell phone, I’ve cut back just because I don’t have that much money to spend anymore.”

Janell Denton, freshman business and advertising/public relations major from Grand Prairie.

“This summer, shopping for school clothes – I won’t do that, I need to save money for gas. Tuition went up; the economy went down, so my family is reallocating money to put more towards my school.”

Liz Arellano, sophomore biology major from Carollton.

Compiled by staff reporter Naheil Qudah.