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Brody Green, Charlie and Marie Lupton Baseball Stadium, Feb. 25, 2024
No. 5 TCU completes sweep of No. 20 UCLA to remain undefeated on the season
By Ethan Love, Staff Writer
Published Feb 25, 2024
The Frogs improve to 7-0 after the 13-3 win today against the Bruins.

Inauguration a homage to American values

Tuesday was not all about President Barack Obama, not even close.

It was not about the end of the reign of Bush the Terrible, a hymn sung by many liberals.

It was not about the approximately $170 million spent, nor the president interrupting Chief Justice Roberts, nor the chief justice completely fumbling the oath of office.

It was about something much greater than all the players involved. Regardless of whether the inauguration cost $170 million or $17, it was a celebration of American democracy above all else.

It was, simply put, about freedom.

A peaceful transfer of power is underappreciated and often overlooked today. Stories of violence and bloodshed dominate the news in countries with totalitarian governments, as well as in much of the third world.

America has secured its place in history with this peaceful transfer of power. Only in America can citizens watch on television as power in the government is transferred, not only from one man to another, but from one party and mentality to the other. It is done without violence, and is celebrated around the world.

This is what freedom is all about. The people have a choice. They can choose a black person to lead them and whether Democrats or Republicans will have control, among other things. And it does not have to stay the same. Many Americans died to preserve this right, and what a beautiful right it is.

The inauguration is simply the culmination of these rights, where a face is attached to this precious freedom. This deserves nothing less than a celebration.

Tuesday, the 56th presidential inauguration in United States history took place and, like all previous Inaugurations, had an underlying theme that must not be forgotten. Although America is a young nation, it is a wise nation and I have to believe we got it right this time.

The American democracy, while imperfect, is the greatest illustration of freedom for the rest of the world, regardless of who is running it.

Tuesday was not just about Obama. It was about something timeless and precious to Americans.

It was about freedom.

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