University should provide students with converter boxes

TCU Connect officials have moved swiftly to ensure that the campus is prepared for the digital transition, which should be commended. However, it seems that in their quest to bring students the superior picture and sound quality that digital provides they have left them on the short end of the stick.

Currently, students without a converter box receive channels 2 through 38, even though they are still paying for the other channels their TV does not get.

TCU Connect’s solution is for students to go out and buy a conversion box for their TV.

It does not make sense for students to buy a digital converter box to use while they are on campus, as they are only required to live in the residence halls for two years. After students move off campus, the converter box that they bought will be rendered useless because they will probably be given converter boxes for rent by their cable company.

While the university is working with Campus Converters to help provide a limited supply of Tivax converters for $85, those who miss out might have to pay more than $200 dollars to access channels they already pay for.

Requiring students to buy their own digital conversion box adds an additional burden for those students who do not have the financial resources; meanwhile they are still paying for the service they cannot access.

If TCU Connect continues with the plan for students to pay for their own converter boxes, they should take steps to decrease the cost to all students.

Multimedia editor Jason Fochtman for the editorial board.