Gossip site shutdown good riddance

There are many things college campuses could do without. One of them is gossip.

College gossip Web site JuicyCampus.com shut down citing the economic downturn, which left the site without sufficient resources to support its “exponential growth.”

Advertising companies involved with JuicyCampus soon realized the harmful nature of the Web site and decided to pull their ads. Google and AdBrite pulled their ad platforms from the Web site, bringing some bad press for JuicyCampus.

As with many other businesses, JuicyCampus did not survive the recession either.

Even though JuicyCampus’ demise merits a celebration, it is regretful that the reason it shut down is that an increasing demand for its services put a strain on the site’s resources.

In a press release, JuicyCampus founder Matt Ivester said he hoped the Web site would be remembered as “a place for the fun, lighthearted gossip of college life,” despite its dark side.

JuicyCampus fostered a poisonous environment that brought out the worst in people. To suggest that the site ever summoned images of a fun, lighthearted place is an insult to students’ intellect.

But what is most disappointing is that students gave the site the following it had. Although it is easy to condemn the Web site, the only reason it became such a hit is that students fueled it with their venom.

Gossip may provide entertainment, but at whose expense? Many have seen their college experience ruined by a rumor, just so that others may have a cheap laugh. It’s not a fair trade-off.

Goodbye, JuicyCampus. You will not be missed.

Web editor Julieta Chiquillo for the editorial board.