Letter to the Editor: Objective study of Bible necessary for solid education

Andrew Weatherford needs to come down off of his cross. Mr. Weatherford’s Feb. 25 column “University not reflective of ‘Christian’ in name” is an example of the kind of intolerant, self-righteous hogwash that drives people away from Christianity. He implies that his particular fire-and-brimstone brand of southern-fried Protestantism is the only true faith, scorning interpretations of scripture that don’t mesh with his views. He eagerly passes judgment on anyone who does not subscribe to his particular guilt-based moral code. We should all be grateful that TCU does not reflect his warped, hateful beliefs. I, for one, am glad that our school takes its obligation as a place of education and culture seriously enough to teach an academic, objective interpretation of the Bible and to accept students from all walks of life. Mr. Weatherford might do well to seek out a school more suited to his views – Bob Jones or Liberty University, perhaps.

Jarrod Greene is a junior radio-TV-film major from Fort Worth.