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Efforts to expand study abroad program commendable

Despite ongoing campus-wide budget cuts, the university has maintained its commitment to providing students with unique and valuable academic experiences and recently established a partnership with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

TCU’s newest exchange program will provide study opportunities for students in a variety of disciplines.

Founded as an engineering school in 1981, Nanyang now offers programs in areas such as art, communication and business, so applicants are not going to be limited by their major.

They will also not be limited by their foreign language skills, or lack thereof. Singapore is unique among study abroad destinations because English is the primary language in the city. Those who choose to participate in the program will not face a difficult language barrier, and they will get the perk of living in a city that is rich in culture and steeped in Asian traditions.

Studying in Singapore will be a smart choice for students in several fields, and particularly in business, because Asia continues to grow as an influential power in the world economic market.

But the benefits of the new exchange program will extend far beyond the group of students that choose to enroll at Nanyang. Students from Nanyang will also enroll at TCU and have the opportunity to share their culture with those on campus and learn about the culture of American college students as well.

The program will also further establish TCU’s international presence and recognition.

Already known for strong study abroad programs, the university was not complacent about its lineup. Its commitment to expand the study abroad opportunities for students, even amid the nation’s economic downturn, is admirable.

News editor Logan Wilson for the editorial board.

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