Tea party critical of Obama ignored by the media

Friday, Feb. 27 was a day like any other in North Texas — except for the tea party.

The tea party was held to protest the stimulus package signed into law by President Barack Obama. I went because my mom asked me to take her, but I ended up enjoying myself.

About 500 people participated in the peaceful demonstration, and many displayed funny homemade signs.

One sign held by a 10-year-old boy said, “Honk if you don’t want to pay for the stimulus,” which caused many people in nearby cars to honk in agreement, although a few people flipped the bird.

The event was not widely covered by the media, and I wondered why.

The only report I heard about the tea party was on a talk show Monday, March 2 on Talk Radio 570 KLIF. Then I found an article in the back of the Star-Telegram about it. I was surprised that, given the large turnout, it received such little attention.

It was not just Republicans at this protest, but hundreds of citizens who are mad about the proposals in Washington.

This stimulus package will cost us and our children trillions of dollars, and China is saying that it won’t purchase any more U.S. bonds or give us any more loans. How can we be expected to pay for this when there are no guarantees it will work?

Our country is in a recession, and no one wants to see the country fail, which is exactly why federal policies must be made responsibly by politicians in any political party.

Margaret Foland is a junior theatre arts major from Arlington.