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Baseball fun not limited to sports fans

Baseball fun not limited to sports fans

The grass is turning green once again and flowers are starting to bloom. The sweet smell of freshly cut grass is back. We all know what time it is.

Spring training is upon us and your favorite team is heading back to the diamond. But where will you be?

Where you need to be is Rangers Ballpark, with your butt in a seat, and a warm hot dog and a cold beer or soda in your hands.

You may be thinking: “We aren’t all Rangers fans and they are horrible anyway, so why should I go?”

If you insist on being so negative, I have a definitive reason why you should be at the games. They are fun, and no matter who is playing, you will have a great time with your friends and family.

I will admit that I am a die-hard Rangers fan and I will for sure be in the parking lot on opening day at 8 a.m. with my fraternity brothers. But I still believe that everyone should attend a home game early in the season. This is America’s pastime we are talking about.

Fans should embrace the sport no matter who is playing.

Who wouldn’t want to see Alex Rodriguez come back to town and heckle him? Who wouldn’t mind spending five dollars to get a crappy nosebleed and then sneak down to the lower level and watch an offensive-minded team hit a couple dingers into your neck of the woods?

These are just a few reasons why a baseball fan, and even those who are not, should at least attend a game or two. For those who have attended a baseball game, this is a common theme that has become a tradition.

The Rangers have been known to put on quite a show, and even non-Ranger fans can have fun at the games. If you enjoy seeing lots of home runs, great defensive plays and even pitching that no one could ever predict, then the diamond is where you should be.

So get off the couch in mid-April and enjoy a night at the ballpark. Before finals come rolling in to steal the last few hours of your precious sleep, you owe it to yourself to have a night on the town in support of our local team.

Shawn Redd is a junior human relation major from Sunnyvale.

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