Community improvement a joint effort

A group of political science students has taken on an active role in addressing student concerns about off-road vehicles obstructing pedestrian traffic on campus sidewalks during passing periods. It is refreshing to see students working first hand to improve the university community.

However, now that the student body has representatives working on its behalf, the university and its administration must be willing to meet these students half way and strike a deal. This is the only way the university can call itself a community.

A simple solution would be for Physical Plant workers to follow operation procedure, namely the line that reads, “ORVs will park and not operate during scheduled class changes.” The document also points out that pedestrians have the right-of-way on campus and speed is to be reduced when approaching passing pedestrians and other ORVs.

But these rules aren’t always followed. Senior political science major Patrick Thomas and his group have made the first step by raising awareness and seeking help from the Student Government Association. The least the Physical Plant can do in response is to take part in the dialogue.

The fact that the Skiff, the community’s news outlet and a platform for such dialogue, could not interview Willett Stallworth, director of the Physical Plant, is a bad sign. This is despite the reporter’s repeated attempts made via phone and e-mail.

Community improvement isn’t a one-way street.

Managing editor Saerom Yoo for the editorial board.