Morrison owed a debt of gratitude from fans

At the end of this month, the university will say goodbye to its top national marketer as he moves on to Carolina.

In just the past four years Danny Morrison put TCU on the map, drawing attention to the university as a whole through success on the playing field. In 2008-2009, 16 out of TCU’s 20 teams made it to postseason competition. As athletics director he has instilled a strong stance on academics, with all teams posting strong GPAs. Morrison set a foundation in an athletics program that had disappeared after the Horned Frog exile during the break-up of the Southwest Conference.

So, now is the perfect time for Morrison to move to the greener pastures of the NFL.

No longer does the athletic program need to build itself up, but it needs to fight for the right of acceptance. In searching for a new athletics director, the university must hire a lobbyist who can push the cause of TCU football and Mountain West football so that Frog football doesn’t have to work for perfect seasons to have any chance at a top national spotlight. It does not matter if this new leader pushes for an automatic BCS bid or a playoff system, our voice must be heard loud and clear so we can be added to the mix of those who are given a chance. A re-purposed team and a re-purposed program needs some re-purposed leadership to reach the next level of success.

Thank you, Danny Morrison, for your work in laying a foundation. Through the strong, tall platform you built, the next athletics director will have the view of those who hold the key to the Frog football future.

Sports editor Travis L. Brown for the editorial board.