Letter to the Editor: Homosexuality is not against truth of the Bible, judging them is

Wyatt Kanyer’s “Christians unfit to judge” was difficult to understand because he never defined terms, and it was splattered with his own judgments. In any opinion article or argument, one must always define the terms he or she is arguing.

Nowhere in the article was Kanyer’s definition of “judgment” clearly identified. Another term that was not clearly defined was “homosexual lifestyle.” This may have been because there is no single definition of a homosexual lifestyle. Just as there are uncountable heterosexual lifestyles, there are innumerable homosexual lifestyles.

In a Christian article discussing judgment, I was surprised Kanyer did not quote Matthew 7:1, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” If he really embodied this Christian doctrine, he may not have written an article laden with his own judgments. Even though he stated that Christians are unfit to judge homosexuals, he wrote, “As a Christian, I’ve had to outline my views on homosexuality and its subsequent issues, like gay marriage.” That is another way of wording, “I’ve had to make a judgment.”

Later he wrote, “And yes, homosexuality is wrong. In fact, it’s contradictory to the fundamental truth of the Bible.” Kanyer did not attribute this view to a certain verse in the Bible, thus, making a blatant judgment of his own.

Furthermore, it must have been a grammatical error, but homosexuality is not against the fundamental truth of the Bible that Kanyer explains to be the golden rule. Rather, judging homosexuals is in fact what is against this fundamental truth. Before writing another opinion article, Kanyer needs to clearly define his terms while making sure not to provide his own hypocritical judgments in a column preaching about being non-judgmental.

Claire Taussig is a junior communication and sociology major from Limon, Colo.