New iTCU app fills gap between university and campus community

It seems you can’t get five steps around campus without seeing a student or professor tapping and gliding their fingers against their iPhones. As the informational world becomes more mobile, the university seems to have no problem keeping up with the pace, and the school has done just that with the creation of the new iTCU application for the iPhone.

The new app, made available just this week, has bridged a gap between students and the university. The app itself has seven different sub-applications that include a GPS enabled campus map, a university directory, a catalog of courses, campus news, sports scores, information concerning university events and much more. Not only do these features help make the university more accessible to students, faculty and people alike, but it sets the bar of just how high one could rank the university with their technological chutzpah. By way of the new app, the school has catapulted itself via iPhone to becoming a high profile university. The benefits of the app are two-fold because students and faculty gain more access to the university while the university promotes a more attractive image to prospective students and those interested in the happenings at TCU.

Not only is the new app convenient, but it’s free, which is yet another perk to the project. So the next time you’re lost on campus or have a hankering to know the final score of last night’s game, just remember the answer could literally be found right at your fingertips.

Web editor Rose Baca for the editorial board.