University should conduct a reasonable investigation

The university began an investigation into the off-campus activities of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority after a noise complaint from a neighbor.

Earlier this month, a noise complaint call was made about members of the sorority at the Orion at Oak Hill apartment complex. The neighbor called the police and then proceeded to call the Office of the Chancellor and Campus Life among others to complain.

The resulting investigation has led to members of the sorority who weren’t even there at the time of the incident to be questioned, which is a waste of valuable time that could be spent talking to those who actually were there. Campus Life and other departments involved in the investigation should be more open with students about the investigation and what type of violation occurred.

While the acts committed by the members were irresponsible, the neighbor’s reaction and the resulting measures taken by the university are beyond a reasonable response. The neighbor had a right to complain about the noise level, but choosing to live near so many college students should carry a different level of expectation for neighbors. Taking that into consideration, students should be more respectful of the homeowners around them. Whether it comes to parking on a homeowner’s property because it’s closer to class, littering or having a loud party, students should be courteous.

In the meantime, the university should take care to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident by questioning only those involved, while those who are involved should take responsibility.

Multimedia editor Chance Welch for the editorial board.