New buildings great for growth, not so much for parking

Everyone has heard complaints of the parking lot blues. Whether someone parked at Albertsons, on a neighborhood street or in Timbuktu, students often have to park somewhere besides a university parking lot.

Building construction is, once again, first priority. Officials are looking at parking lot plans not for additional parking but for the construction of new facilities.

Nevertheless, the construction is a necessary step toward a growing campus, especially a new admissions building. Currently, the admissions office is not even an office – it is a jumble of rooms randomly placed up and down Sadler Hall. And for new students and parents not knowing their way around campus, the admissions office above all places should be organized and easy to access. Unfortunately, the destination for this building is south of the University Recreation Center on Lot 8. Elimination No. 1.

Similarly, the School of Music is making itself a new home across campus. While the Ed Landreth Hall will be less crowded, the same cannot be said for the parking lots – the new music building is planned to be constructed on the existing parking lot on the corner of Berry Street and Sandage Avenue. Elimination No. 2.

While the university plans to make up for these lost parking lots, the problem still remains. In fact, it will probably grow worse with the expansion of the university.

So yes, keep building, constructing, adding, expanding, whatever you want to call it. But, please, clear a nice patch of grass and give students a place to park.

Features editor Katie Ruppel for the editorial board.