Pack lunch instead of relying on free food

It is sad that the free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches provided by Disciples on Campus on Mondays have been temporarily suspended. There are plenty of students with packed schedules who lack the motivation to pack a lunch the night before and wind up scarfing down chips on the way to class. The Disciples on Campus group provides students with a free meal and help take some of the stress out of Mondays.

But it is reasonable to expect a visit from the health inspector. The sandwiches were put on hold because students were serving themselves out of open containers, which was deemed a health risk.

The Rev. Jeremy Albers, associate chaplain and Disciples of Christ minister, said the event should continue the Monday after fall break as long as they serve pre-packaged food.

While it is inconvenient, it is also an opportunity for students to be a little more self-reliant. A free meal is great, but there are plenty of professors who don’t mind if you eat discretely in class. Take the time to pack a snack or lunch the night before and reap the health benefits.

Opinion editor Libby Davis for the editorial board.