Frogs have chance to write history, again

It seems each year the Frogs hit the gridiron, a new argument emerges about why TCU should bust the BCS party. As each season plays itself out, it seems the Frogs face the biggest game in school history. This season is no different.

Last year, a one-loss Frog team marched into Salt Lake City to take on a very good Utes team for what some thought would be a play-in game for a BCS bowl, but lost, closing the book on another “historical” game.

But with each offseason comes rebirth, and with each season in Fort Worth comes a new history-changing game. The differences in this year’s highlight game are few, but important.

The Frogs come into the game undefeated, plowing through good teams like Virginia and Clemson. They rank in the top 10 in all major polls and come in higher than a top-25 BYU team. Furthermore, the game will be in the national spotlight because of ESPN’s College GameDay broadcasting from Provo.

TCU’s campus has been abuzz about this weekend’s TCU game, with the school chosen to be spotlighted for the first time on College GameDay, from the moment most found out Sunday. Many Facebook statuses – in all capital letters and with an excessive amount of exclamation points – express the feeling of euphoria fans will experience when they hear about the Frogs’ game Sunday morning on ESPN. And every Frog fan gets goosebumps just thinking about analyst Lee Corso slipping that SuperFrog head on and announcing TCU to be his pick to win the game.

A big win over BYU, along with the coverage College GameDay will bring, will force even the fair-weathered college football fan to tune into the game to find out what the Frogs are all about this year.

After playing in the storm of cheers at Death Valley in Clemson, the Frogs won’t back down in Provo to BYU. This really might be the biggest game in TCU football history.

Sports Editor Travis L. Brown is a news-editorial journalism major from Dallas.