Withholding crime details unwise by university

The university’s decision to remove important details from a Fort Worth Police flier in a campuswide e-mail regarding last week’s sexual assault should be condemned.

The flier, which police released Monday, stated that the student was assaulted while walking from her dormitory to the library on Oct. 13. It also states she was sexually assaulted with an object.

Lisa Albert, associate director of communications, told the Skiff that the university chose not to release the details about the victim’s itinerary or the suspect’s methods in the assault because it was “not new information” and to protect the student’s privacy.

However, a Fort Worth Police spokesman said that this was the first time the city police had made said details public.

Further, if police didn’t consider it a threat to the student’s privacy to release that information, why would the university?

Trying to cover up information like this is shameful. The campus community deserves to know of the threats facing them in full disclosure. The fact that the assaulted student’s destination and location were left out of university releases is especially curious. If a sexual assault happens in a certain part of campus, don’t students deserve to know where it is so they can be extra careful?

Also, the term “sexual assault” may refer to any of different offenses that vary in severity. Students deserve to know the exact threat facing them.

Ignorance in this case is not bliss. Every detail students are left in the dark about by the university is another chance for a vicious criminal to strike.

Editor-in-chief David Hall for the editorial board.