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In this image taken from video, police are deployed outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024, after an active-duty member of the U.S. Air Force was critically injured after setting himself ablaze outside the diplomatic compound. (WJLA via AP)
What we’re reading: Active-duty U.S. airman sets himself on fire, Abbott supports IVF and more
By Zahra Ahmad, Staff Writer
Published Feb 26, 2024
Texas governor Greg Abbott voiced support for IVF procedures after a ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court, Star Trek actor dies and more of what we're reading.

ESPN GameDay’s Lee Corso picks Frogs to win

ESPN GameDays Lee Corso picks Frogs to win

In front of hundreds of booing Cougar fans, ESPN’s Lee Corso put on the Superfrog mascot head, stating his prediction of a Frog victory in Provo Saturday.

“Lee’s not afraid to turn a crowd against him,” GameDay host Chris Fowler said. “He’s going to pick the team he legitimately thinks is going to win.”

After ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit predicted a BYU win, Corso reached behind the desk and grabbed a Cosmo Cougar head, looked at it, then tossed it over the desk, only to reach down and put on the large Superfrog head. Corso also gave his best attempt at the Horned Frog hand sign.

“One thing you have to know with coach is that he always picks who he thinks will win the game,” GameDay producer Lee Fitting said. “It’s not a show and it comes across as entertainment on TV but deep down in the heart it’s who the better team is.”

So far through the first seven weeks of this season, Corso is 4-3 in his predictions. He correctly picked Alabama, USC, and Texas twice, in order. Corso inaccurately picked Penn State over Iowa, Oklahoma over Miami and LSU over Florida.

“I’m warning TCU fans the headgear predictions have not been infallible so far this year so there is still plenty of hope for BYU fans.”

Corso picked Clemson to beat the Frogs in week four of the season contrasted with Herbstreit’s pick of the Frogs. In week three, both Corso and Herbstreit incorrectly picked BYU over Florida State.

At the end of every College GameDay show each Saturday, former coach Corso puts on the mascot head of the school he picks to win the spotlight game of that Saturday.

“I usually don’t find out from Coach until Friday afternoon who he’s picking,” Fitting said. “He told me he was going with TCU and I always ask him why and he said, ‘They’re the better team. I think they’re going to wear them down defensively.’ He thinks their defense is strong and is a big fan of their special teams. He was pretty adamant about that.

Check dailyskiff.com for video and slideshows of the entire GameDay experience, including Corso’s prediction and extended interview footage.

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