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Campus failures shared on community Web site

Frog failures can now be shared among the Horned Frog community through, a Web site designed to anonymously relate daily mishaps, the site’s creator said.

Brandon Corcoran, a sophomore finance and entrepreneurial management major and creator of, also manages the site, which launched Oct. 19. He said the site is loosely based on, a blog where people share unfortunate happenings, but is aimed at TCU students. This makes the stories more relevant since many stories involve campus and places nearby, he said.

“It’s poking fun at failure in general,” Corcoran said. “Everyone obviously drops the ball and slips up occasionally, so if you’re able to poke fun at it I think it’s an easier way to get past it. And so why not do it in a way that’s entertaining for other people?”

Corcoran said is an affiliate of, a Web site created for students to share information. Contributors e-mail [email protected] with their stories and Corcoran reads and posts them. He said he did not include a comment feature for the posts because he wanted to keep stories anonymous and protect contributors’ privacy.

Mike Vosters, a junior marketing major and Hubba-U creator, said he was surprised with’s quick rise in popularity. He said students were familiar with the concept of the site and immediately understood its purpose and how to use it.

“Within days of launching it was just almost at the level of where Hubba-U is at, which we’ve been promoting for months,” Vosters said. “I think it’s something students can really connect with … (you’ve) got to sometimes just laugh at the things that go wrong in a day.”

Mary Katherine Richey, a senior entrepreneurial management major, said she likes the university angle because the audience can understand where the authors of the posts are coming from.

“It’s great just because TCU students can relate to it and the daily mishaps a TCU student might face each day as opposed to other students at different universities might not,” Richey said.

Ali Lamb, a junior strategic communications major and writer for Hubba-U, said she has contributed about five submissions to and enjoys reading the stories. She said the best stories are the ones that the readers cannot imagine happening to someone or that people would not openly admit happened to them.

“‘Your life. Our entertainment.’ That’s the slogan and it’s true to the core,” Lamb said. “It’s an anonymous outlet where they can share the worst things that happened to them, and we can all just laugh about it.”

Vosters said he is proud of the site’s success, noting that the Hubba-U team is currently working on more sites to add to the network.

“It all started with one, and now just everyone on the team is getting so involved that we’re making their ideas come to life,” Vosters said.

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