Q&A: Student body president contenders

Students wanting to know more about the two candidates running for student body president can read their answers to the question and answer section. Andrew Pulliam, a junior finance major from St. Louis, and Marlon Figueroa, a junior finance and accounting double major from San Juan, Puerto Rico are running for the position.

Q: What made you realize you wanted to run for student body president?

A: Well I have been in SGA since my freshman year, and I have had the opportunity to make a lot of changes to TCU. Looking at what the goal of the president entails and the kind of qualities that I possess, I felt the presidency was the best position that I could serve within the student government to further promote and develop SGA as a whole.

M: Since freshman year, I have been involved in SGA, and I have been able to see how things work. I feel like I am very qualified, and I think I am the best person who would be able to implement ideas. I am so passionate about the TCU campus and improving things. I am a die-hard, bleed-purple student.

Q: What are your three main goals if elected student body president?

A: #1. Right now, with the amount of use that’s being put into the intramural fields, we don’t have any restroom facilities or water fountains available for students to use, which is unacceptable. I would like to look into getting these facilities provided for students.

#2. I would like to give students an opportunity to come to an event outside of an athletic atmosphere. The idea I would like to propose is a TCU Night Out, like at a location like Billy Bob’s (Texas), which would be open to all students.

#3. There was an article written recently in Newsweek (that) discussed how several schools across the country are doing programs for schools which give students a chance to enroll in 40 hours a year. This program would allow students to graduate in three years instead of four. Considering these rough economic times, we should look into opening doors for students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend.

M: #1. I want to make sure that we open all the parking lots for students after 5 p.m. I would also like to improve on the shuttle system. I know the chancellor has a vision of making TCU a very walkable campus, but we need to be able to provide safe transportation.

#2. I know about this program called Campus Communicator, which would allow the campus to get on this chat-style type program. During professor’s office hours, students will be able to chat with (professors) from wherever they are and get live answers without having to meet with them personally.

#3. The SGA budget right now doesn’t provide for such a big concert. As president, I will make sure we will be able to have another concert next year. I think this is very important because it provides a unique experience and event that students will never forget.

Q: What would you like to see change within SGA?

A: I feel there is currently some unnecessary spending that goes on in SGA. I would like to work with the treasurer to look for things that we could cut down in order to reallocate it (money) towards other events that SGA throws.

M: I would like to work on improving the ties between the Fort Worth and TCU community. By supporting the great city we’re located in, I believe we can get our neighbors to come support our great university and show the world who we are.

Q: What would being president do for your future?

A: Being president would give me a chance to bring about the benefits that would affect the entire campus for years to come. The presidency gives you opportunities to give back to such a large amount of people, and if elected it would impact my future entirely for the better.

M: Right now, I have two completely different paths. If I become president, I will be completely dedicated and would move back on campus. If I don’t become president, I have a great internship right now in which I would keep, but my biggest dream is to become student body president and help the students and leave my mark here at TCU.

Q: Why do you think SGA is important to the TCU community?

A: I think what makes SGA so important is their ability to bring about change on the campus in ways that other organizations are unable to do. I think the ability and position to work with the board of directors and the chancellor is what brings this organization its credibility.

M: In SGA, we do so much and we are not necessarily ever trying to get recognition for it. Our goal is to work for the students, but basically we are the liaison between the administration and the students.

Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: “The Sandlot.”

M: The “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.

Q:What is your favorite TV show?

A: “The Office.”

M: “Dexter.”

Q:What is your favorite band?

A: The Beatles.


Q:What is your favorite food?

A: The fish tacos from Fuzzy’s.

M: Mexican. I love beans and rice.