Frog GameDay experience should be cherished

This story was edited for accuracy to reflect the author’s original opinion.

The moment I found out ESPN’s College GameDay was coming to our city, I knew the likelihood of me accomplishing anything academically this week was about as likely as the BCS letting the Frogs into the National Championship Game. It just wasn’t going to happen.

What we have this weekend is a once-in-a-college-career experience. Some alumni never would have imagined this day coming when they walked this campus many years ago.

I don’t want to tell you to camp out, because if it were my choice, I’d show up at 8 a.m. with a group of my friends and be on the rail right behind the stage. So come early and consider spending the night in a lawn chair since tents aren’t allowed.

Last time we had a situation similar this was when students camped out for tickets to the game against the University of Oklahoma in Norman. I didn’t stay the night, but I was there long enough to see the campers work well together by passing around a list to keep things organized.

We have a unique opportunity to really come together as a campus community for a special opportunity that only about 13 campuses get to experience a year. We don’t need to ruin it by hating on each other. Let’s come together to show some love for our Frogs.

Respect each other. If you’re camping out and a few people are joining you early Saturday morning, tell the people in line around you. Make sure it is just a few though. From my understanding, only a certain number of people get up close to the stage area.

I know some people have prior commitments or just don’t want to sleep outside. Just give them a break and enjoy their company. Heck, come talk to me. I’ll be the guy up front making obnoxious signs.

Bring your A-game. This isn’t just a time to show our dominance on the field but to flex our mental muscles and flaunt our unceasing wit as well. Clever puns and comments about the season are great. Shots at opponents and rival schools are even better. Lay off the BCS because I think we got their attention. No need to whine.

Some of the early front runners from my circle of friends include:

Tanner Brock doesn’t use protection- He leveled an SMU Pony without a flippin’ helmet. He’s a machine!

Remember, Remember, Salt Lake City last November- “V For Vendetta” anyone? This started as a nursery rhyme about a man who wanted to blow up the British Parliament. The Frogs will provide the fireworks this time.

The Eyes of Texas Shoot Blood – Playing off of the No. 3 Longhorns’ fight song and the awesome defense mechanism of the mighty Horned Frog.

Hey voters, give the Frogs a chaNCe- Emphasis on the NC, or National Championship. It can’t hurt to try.

Keep them short and sweet and use foam board so it won’t fold. Bring a broomstick and duct tape in case you’re farther from the stage so that America doesn’t miss out on how brilliant you are. The GameDay Web site gives some rules and guidelines for signs. They will confiscate them.

This will be an amazing week so sit back in your lawn chair, put off your studies and enjoy the ride.

Robert Bember is a senior news-editorial journalism major from Houston.