Fraternity members compete in pancake eating challenge

Fraternity members compete in pancake eating challenge

Fraternity members got a taste of what Adam Richman experiences on the Travel Channel show “Man v. Food” as they took on the Ol’ South Pancake House Mega Stack Challenge on Thursday night. None of the 18 participants completed the challenge.

A stack of eight fresh-off-the-griddle buttermilk pancakes, each about 12 inches in diameter, was set in front of each participant. The first person to finish his stack within an hour would have the menu item named in his honor as well as a photo on a wall of honor at the restaurant.

Rex Benson, co-owner of the restaurant, said the challenge will be a menu option for $19.99 beginning next week. The first person to successfully complete the challenge will have his or her name on the menu until another successful competitor claims the title, he said.

The last man standing in the competition, alumnus Jovan Dewall, had about an eighth of his stack remaining with five minutes left in the competition before calling it quits. He said he planned to try the challenge again after some practice.

The first man out, freshman pre-business major Rudy Granaghan, gave up two pancakes into the competition. He said he thought he would have been more successful if he had eaten the pancakes as fast as he could.

“If you stop and think about it, that’s when you mess up,” he said.

Although no one was triumphant in the eating contest, Benson said he remained confident that someone would do it in the future. He said he thought there were several members of the football team who could easily conquer the task.