Early admission applications hit record high

A record number of early action undergraduate admissions applications were submitted for this month, an admissions official said.

Nov. 1 marked the first deadline for prospective students to submit their application for the 2010-2011 school year. This year, the university received 5,705 early action applications. Last year 5,287 applications were received, and in fall 2007, students submitted 5,555 applications.

The high volume of applications could be the result of a number of factors, Ray Brown, dean of admissions, said.

Brown said the number of applications received could be because of the university administration’s decision to accept the ApplyTexas application for the first time. He said that students who used the generic application apply to all state colleges and some private universities, which made the application process easier for prospective students..

Brown attributed the dip in early action applications last year to the elimination of the Fast App, an easier application that TCU discontinued earlier this year.

Admissions saw a growing number early action and regular applications submitted in the last decade, he said.

“As recently as 2000, we had 4,800 applications for the year,” Brown said.

The increasing number of early action applications had to do with the advantages that accompanied early action and the popularity of the university, Brown said.

“The advantages (of early action) are significant,” Brown said. “The response that we promise students who apply by (the) Nov. 1 early action deadline … is (that) we will get you a decision on your application before Christmas.”

Brown said students admitted early were offered their financial aid packages first and received preference in housing.

A high percentage of students who applied through early action composed the majority of the incoming class. Stronger students and students that want to be at the university submitted their applications first, Brown said.

“The reality is, our best applicants apply early,” Brown said.

Brown said the size of next year’s class would be difficult to determine.

“The class size was 1,821 this fall and we have been instructed to do everything we can to make it smaller,” Brown said. “How much smaller is yet to be determined. I’m guessing it’s going to be somewhere around 1,700 and 1,750.”

Out-of-state students submitted more applications than in-state students, Brown said.

In combination with recruiting efforts by the admissions office and the Ambassadors, Brown said the university expected to receive around 13,500 applications this year.

Early Action Admissions Applications Received

For fall 2010: 5,705

For fall 2009: 5,287

For fall 2008: 5,555