Peeping tom incident still under investigation

Campus police are still investigating the Sherley Hall peeping tom incident reported Saturday.

TCU Police Lt. Ramiro Abad said police are using the information received from the female student who reported the event to continue their investigation.

Heather Miller, associate director of Housing and Residence Life, said no extra precautions are planned as a result of the most recent incident because security had already been increased since the sexual assaults reported earlier in the semester. However, Housing and Residence Life encouraged resident assistants to roll down the blinds and take other similar actions, she said.

According to a campuswide e-mail sent by Officer Vicki Lawson with TCU Police, a female student saw a man sitting in a car outside Sherley Hall. The student told police the man appeared to be masturbating while looking at the windows of the residence hall.

The student was able to give police a license plate number for the suspect’s car and a detailed physical description, according to the e-mail. The student described the suspect as a Hispanic man in his mid 30s, with no facial hair and long, greasy hair. He was wearing a skull cap, according to the e-mail. The suspect was sitting in a 1987 four-door Buick with Texas license plate 732-BNJ, the student told police. The color of the vehicle is unknown.

Lt. Abad said police are working to get more information on the suspect from the vehicle information.