Ghana an opportunity for students to experience a new culture

The study abroad program in Ghana scheduled for May is a well-needed expansion of the university’s programs in Africa.

The university’s administration stressed that students get a well-rounded education. The study abroad experience can give them a more informed perspective on the rest of the world.

While there have been many opportunities to go abroad in Europe, and those programs seem to be popular, the scope of study abroad in Africa has been limited to South Africa. Now, with the possible success of the Ghana program, the number of opportunities to learn about African culture can increase.

Students here are accustomed to Western culture, so they should challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zone and visit places like Ghana. Ghana might be a lesser-known West African country, but students will never see the similarities and differences between the cultures if they don’t take the first step to travel.

When looking at Africa, many seem to focus on the problems with AIDS and poverty but overlook the richness of the culture. The possibility for students to be philanthropic and do service work while they are there is an added bonus. This is a chance for students to make a difference in someone’s life while changing their own.

Multimedia editor Chance Welch for the editorial board.