Graduate school should be a careful decision

It is a common misconception that young people are uninvolved or unaware of national issues or economic plights. With the nation deep in a recession, this is the opposite of the truth. According to a recent research paper released by scholars at the University of California, Los Angeles, people between the ages of 18 and 25 are more likely to believe that lifelong success is the result of luck rather than personal effort. In other words, the college-age group is the one most affected by the state of the economy in the sense that it creates a gloomy outlook for students’ future.

As students move closer to graduation, one thing on most peoples’ minds is whether or not they will have a job lined up. More and more students are considering graduate school. While a possible alternative to what some consider to be pointless job hunting, students should be aware of the time and financial commitments that graduate school entails. Students should make sure they are committed to their career direction before dedicating their time and money. The UCLA research paper provides evidence about youth’s awareness of their surroundings and how it is going to affect their futures and career paths.

It is to be hoped that this generation will not be so impressionable and disillusioned as to develop a pessimistic attitude. Hope and perseverance, not pessimism, are needed to achieve success in life.

Opinion editor Andrea Bolt for the editorial board.