BSA’s efforts to increase attendance admirable

The Black Student Association should be commended for taking action to increase attendance at its meetings.

Although BSA has more than 100 members, some events have a turnout in the single digits. This sort of issue may be attributed to a lack of motivation on the part of the members.

Membership in a student organization is more than just something students add to their resume. It is meant to enrich students’ experience during their years on campus.

It is the responsibility of the students involved, not just the leaders, to attend events and meetings. Without attendance of the members, there is no purpose in the group.

Other organizations should follow BSA’s example in boosting attendance numbers and lessening the effects of membership apathy, which is present in so many university student organizations.

The success of the relationship forum hosted by BSA helped advance the interests of the group and allowed the group to better suit members’ needs.

It is important for members to serve the group, and for the group to serve its members. If that happens, student organizations would be much more successful.

Sports editor Mary Sue Greenleaf for the editorial board.