Bob Schieffer commemorates Moudy Building South’s expansion

Bob Schieffer commemorates Moudy Building Souths expansion

As the journalism industry changes over time so does the need to prepare students for those changes, the Schieffer School of Journalism’s namesake said at Tuesday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the renovation and expansion of Moudy Building South, home of the College of Communication.

Bob Schieffer, university alumnus and chief Washington correspondent for CBS News, said that as long as there’s a need for accurate information, there will always be a need for trained journalists to provide the information.

Schieffer said that when he met with Chancellor Victor Boschini five years ago to discuss the planned renovations, he knew students would need to have the skills needed to adapt to the industry’s changing environment.

“We can’t just train these students to be newspaper reporters or to be broadcast news reporter or freelance magazine writers,” Schieffer said. “They have got to be familiar with all of these various forms of journalism.”

With the addition of the new convergence lab, students from TCU News Now and the Daily Skiff work in the same environment. By exposing these students to various forms of journalism within the same room, Schieffer said he felt this will not only prepare students for the journalism industry, it will also set them apart from any other journalism program in the nation.

“We don’t want to be a good journalism school, we want to be the best,” Schieffer said.