RateMyProfessors app not worth the impulsive criticism or money

Ranting about professors is fun, but it’s not worth 99 cents. That’s the cost of the new iPhone application by RateMyProfessors.com that would allow students to post comments and thoughts about professors directly from their phones.

Gathering student opinion can make or break a student’s decision to take a class. That sort of freedom is why the Web site is so popular. However, the Web site is readily available through the phone’s Web browser. Why spend 99 cents on an app students can access anyway? Now that many fast food places have dollar menus, there are many more delicious ways to spend 99 cents.

Taking the time to think about what should be said about a professor ensures comments are truthful and not generated out of a moment’s annoyance. Instead of acting like a Twitter feed or a Facebook status box and ranting without restraint, actually pulling up the page on a computer allows for extra time to process thoughts and feelings.
So save your cash. Head over to Wendy’s, get some spicy chicken nuggets and chew on those before posting from your phone.

News editor Libby Davis for the editorial board.