Representatives hear student suggestions at town hall meeting

Every morning, campus buses are filled to the door when they leave the Sandage parking lot, senior Ido Farhi told student government representatives last night. Most days, buses have to leave some students behind to wait for the next bus.

“We’re not complaining about parking far away, as long as we get transportation,” Farhi said. “I think we pay enough tuition to have a bus to ride.”

The senior electrical engineering major attended the Student Relations Town Hall meeting Tuesday night and expressed his concerns about overcrowded buses. He said overcrowding was a safety issue that caused problems for many students every morning.

The meeting was the first of what will be a monthly series held in the student organizations area of the Brown-Lupton University Union. Student government provided free Chick-fil-A for the students who voiced their opinions.

Devon Martinez, a member of the Student Relations Committee, said that while most of the students’ suggestions already had solutions in the works, she especially hoped to have a solution to the bus problem Farhi brought up by the next town hall meeting. She said the information would be relayed to the Campus Advancement Committee, which already has plans to reform the bus system.

Martinez said that she would have liked to have seen greater attendance at the meeting, but that overall, it went as planned.

Christina Durano, the interim chair for the Student Relations Committee, told the Skiff on Monday that SGA expected between 20 and 30 students, but that members would not be disappointed with fewer if they received quality responses. Between 10 and 15 students were in attendance throughout the night.

“It’s good to see that what they’re concerned about are the areas that we’re working on,” Martinez said.

Durano said representatives received good ideas from students.

“I think right now we’re focusing on quality rather than quantity,” she said.

Senior nursing major Margaret Schruba came to voice her opinion about parking issues, while senior computer science major Sneha Popley said she attended just to hear what other people had to say.

Members of student government also used the meeting to bounce ideas off of the audience, such as Martinez’s initiative to bring puppies to campus during finals week.

Schruba and Popley were in favor of Martinez’s plan. They said they also favored the committee’s idea of adding swipe cards to all vending machines on campus.