Proposed additions to shuttles commendable

While many students at the university have reservations about the parking situation, the Student Government Association and the administration should be commended for their efforts to make the best of it by providing a shuttle service and taking extra steps to improve it.

Other universities have similar, or worse, parking situations on their campuses, and many do not have a shuttle option.

Granted, every good thing has its flaws, and the shuttle service on campus is far from perfect, but the fact that the university recognizes this and is proactive about making it more efficient is something to be thankful for.

SGA and TCU Police are reviewing the possibility of a GPS system for campus shuttles. The system would display the time left for the next bus to arrive at the stop. The university also plans to put up new maps on signs at shuttle stops and in dormitories so students are familiar with the shuttle routes.

In addition to the extra convenience, the proposed GPS tracker would also provide more safety for students on campus, especially at night. For example, students would know how long they need to wait for the next shuttle so they can decide whether it would be safer to remain in their car or near a building while they wait.

Sports editor Mary Sue Greenleaf for the editorial board.