Knowledge of health care reform important for students

With the debate still raging over the passage of health care reform legislation, many questions still linger regarding what changes will be made. Some of the changes outlined in the bill include young adults being covered by their family’s insurance until the age of 26 and insurance companies being prohibited from denying coverage to people because of their medical history.

Whether students agree with the passage of the comprehensive health care reform bill or not, they will have to prepare accordingly. College seniors can add doing their homework on health care to their to-do list alongside final exams and looking for jobs. Although the issue of health insurance might seem further down the road for other students, they should look at the options that will be awaiting them when they enter the workforce.

With the changes of the bill yet to be seen in action, it’s best to read up on an issue that will affect us in our lifetime more than ever before.

Multimedia editor Chance Welch for the editorial board.