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Student body fee increase necessary

Currently, students pay a $24 student body fee each semester. This fee covers:

 Major events such as Homecoming, Howdy Week and Family Weekend

 Limited funding for student organizations and sport clubs

 Student services such as airport shuttles during Thanksgiving break

 SGA operating expenses

The fee has remained constant since 2005 – BEFORE the creation of the Campus Commons and the two-year residential living requirement, which changed the culture of our campus.

As TCU grows in prominence through the completion of the Campus Commons, success in athletics and nationally-acclaimed academic programs, the need and demand for quality programs and services provided through SGA has dramatically changed. During the past few years, SGA has been forced to seek alternative funding for traditional events and cut back the number of services offered to students. To meet the needs and wants of today’s TCU students, SGA needs a consistent and reliable source of income that will allow the organization to move forward in providing world-class programs, events, services and leadership experiences on campus. SGA is proposing this income be generated through an increase in the student body fee from $24 to $45 per semester.

With the money generated from the proposed fee increase, SGA will be able to continue existing programs plus ensure the funding of the following for nextyear and for years to come:

A large-scale, on-campus concert to open each fall semester

More than $30,000 in additional funding for student organizations and sport clubs

Additional permanent improvements to our campus

More free/reduced-cost student services provided through student government

Increase in high-quality, community-building programs and events on campus

Currently, the TCU student body fee is 48 percent lower than the fee charged by our peer institutions. These peers all provide services comparable to those TCU SGA offers and will offer if funding allows. If the increase in the TCU fee occurs, our fee will still remain lower than the fee charged by the majority of these peers. That means TCU students will get more services, student organization funding, large-scale programming and community-building activities than students at other institutions – and for less.

SGA will be holding a special election on the fee increase on April 1 from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on This is your opportunity to voice your opinion on the future of your campus.

If you have any questions about the fee increase, SGA budget, services and programs, please let us know. Questions can be submitted to [email protected].

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