Criticism unfounded if students didn’t vote

A referendum for a proposed increase in the student body fee conducted by Student Government Association produced a small voter turnout. If students who didn’t vote at this referendum later find the increase disagreeable, they do not have the right to complain.

Every vote counts, and it is important for students to remember that SGA’s decisions are not made without regard to students’ reservations. SGA gave the student body the opportunity to vote on the proposal, and returning students had the chance to advance or halt the proposal.

It is in the hands of the students to make referendums like this count, so by not voting, students undermine the influence they wield together, as well as the democratic principles exercised by SGA. If the people don’t vote, the system doesn’t work.

A referendum on a college campus that raises a fee about an extra $20 each semester is important. The approval or rejection of the proposal will affect funding for student organizations, for one, as well as how other student initiatives are conducted.

Words must be accompanied by actions. Students need to speak up and vote when they have the chance.

Sports editor Mary Sue Greenleaf for the editorial board.