Neeley’s donation benefits entire campus

Thanks to the generosity of those involved, the recent $1.5 million donation given to the Neeley School of Business by Barry and Antoinette Davis will be used to benefit students all over campus.

The Davis Family Entrepreneur-in-Residence position, which was created because of the donation, will provide a new resource on campus that can be utilized by any student from any field.

Director of the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center Brad Hancock, who will fill the new position, said he will act as a consultant for students who want or need entrepreneurial advice. Students may have great ideas that stem from something they have learned throughout the courses in their major, but they may not have learned the skills necessary to develop and market those ideas. Now all they have to do is send Hancock an e-mail to set up an appointment, and they can get the help they need in that area.

The Neeley School of Business is one of the most prestigious and well-funded schools on campus, and the decision to use this donation to benefit the entire campus community should be recognized and appreciated.

The accessibility of the entrepreneur-in-residence makes the deal that much sweeter for students, and it should be taken advantage of.

Managing editor Logan Wilson for the editorial board.