Four students chosen to represent Honors College

Four students will represent the John V. Roach Honors College in the House of Student Representatives for the first time this fall, following the House election this past week.

Seven students applied for the four recently allocated seats in the House, the results of which were released Wednesday.

Ron Pitcock, J. Vaughn & Evelyne H. Wilson Honors Fellow, said the diverse interests of honors students will be an asset to the House’s representation.

“Our students bring a great diversity,” Pitcock said. “They represent a number of interests on campus, from different majors to a variety of student activities, so I think having them in the House representing the college will be great for not only for honors, but for the TCU community at large.”

Pitcock said that because every college at the university is represented in the House, it only made sense for the Honors College to have student representatives, too.

Representatives from House met with Peggy Watson, dean of the Honors College, before adding the seats, Pitcock said. She had also been approached by prospective honors applicants before the elections.

Maddison Grigsby, a senior international finance major and president of the Honors Cabinet, said that she would not be surprised if the increased interest in Honors Cabinet she had seen this past year would carry over to students applying for honors seats in the House. Applications for seats in the cabinet were two to three times as high this year as in the past, she said.

In its first time on the ballot, the Honors College had more applicants than seats available. Other constituencies, like the College of Communication, had too few applicants and will have to be filled through write-in nominations.

Sophomore political science major Trevor Melvin served on House this past year as a Class of 2012 representative. This year, he applied for both an honors seat and a class representative seat, accepting the position in honors.

“I am in Honors College so I would consider that the same as if I was applying for 2012 or AddRan.My goals are the same to represent that college,” he said.

Rachel Adcock, a freshman pre-major, said she chose to run for Honors College instead of AddRan College, which she represented this academic year, because she thought she would better represent the constituents of the Honors College.

“I love being in the Honors College and that’s really provided me (with) a lot of opportunities,” Adcock said.

Adcock also said she lives in honors housing, where several of her friends are.

“I feel like being in honors is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year, so I wanted to represent the honors students and just help to make honors college the best I could,” she said.

2010-2011 Honors Representatives:

Rachel Adcock, freshman pre-major

Josh Simpson, freshman political science major

Luke Harville, freshman political science and strategic communication major

Trevor Melvin, sophomore political science major