Beavers due for victory on Saturday

Disclaimer: In no way is the following article written with bias opinion, despite the fact that its author is an OSU student and avid Beaver fan. Oh, who am I kidding? Let’s do this.

Your honor, I’d like to address The Court of the Football Gods, climb into the Frog den and say exactly what I, and most Beaver fans, are thinking: “Oregon State is going to beat Texas Christian Saturday.”

Exhibit A: We’re Due: For the last three seasons, we have lost two of our first four games. Now is when it all should come together. It’s like golf. Most of the time, when you’re putting well, then you’re hitting your irons poorly, or vice-versa. But when it all comes together you shoot yourself a nice round. OSU has been due a hole-in-one for a while now.

Exhibit B: The Team Has Been Busy: All the players are high on their effort in offseason workouts. Multiple members have commented on the sheer number of teammates that stayed in town for the summer studying and working on their games. Spirits are high and confidence is booming.

Exhibit C: Brand New Quarterback With Loads Of Talent: Mentally, he’s no senior TCU man Andy Dalton, not yet. But OSU’s Ryan Katz can flat out play. I’m talking raw talent. As a sophomore, Katz has stepped into his role with grace, proving quickly to everyone that he’s the man for the job. A physical specimen, Katz throws a professional-type football, complete with velocity and range. And if he can get his balls on target, watch out.

Exhibit D: Stephen Paea Lifts Cars For Fun: Put his name into a YouTube search bar, and the top hit is Paea benching 225 pounds, 44 times. 44 times! A ball carrier might want to steer his head away from this first-round draft pick, because he just might rip it off.

Exhibit X &- The Rodgers Brothers: No, the “X” is not a typo. It stands for what exactly the Rodgers brothers are to us: our X-factors. The pride of Corvallis, Ore.

James, the oldest, made his debut at Oregon State as a pure speedster on the ground, running the “fly sweep,” a play brand new to Beaver football. Let’s just say 586 yards is a lot of rushing for a receiver. Becoming the ultimate Mr. Versatile in large part due to little brother Jacquizz.

The running back doesn’t stand tall, but he packs a bowling ball strike like Maurice Jones-Drew and shifts laterally like Reggie Bush, but without the NCAA violations. In two years at OSU, Jacquizz has banged out 2,793 yards on over 500 carries to go along with 769 receiving yards. Jacquizz is on just about every Heisman list out there, but for him and James, that doesn’t matter. All they want to do is win big football games, games against TCU. James and Jacquizz feed off each other.

Your honor, in closing argument, I’d like to reiterate that the above exhibits are facts that OSU will leave the south with a win over the Horned Frogs. For further proof, looking at the Las Vegas prediction lines, OSU is merely a 13.5 point underdog 8212; wait 8212;


Final Prediction: Beavers: 35 &- TCU: 32

Colin Huber is the sports editor for Oregon State University.