Freedom of speech deserves day of honor

As tempting as it may be to silence flag burners or to censor those opinions we’d rather not hear, we must appreciate the privilege we have been given to live in a country that provides each of us with both guidelines and freedom.

Though allowing certain viewpoints to flourish might make us cringe, it is still important that Americans remember to appreciate the laws and freedoms provided for in the Constitution.

This Friday, Sept. 17, marks the 223rd anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. To date, the U.S. Constitution stands as the oldest written constitution still in use.

Americans may on occasion forget that the privileges provided for in the Constitution extend to all citizens. Whether or not it is unwise to protest policies by setting the flag ablaze, we must always remind ourselves that the document that allows protestors to do so is the same document that allows us to worship or not worship in whatever way we choose.

Today, remember that the most fundamental laws of our nation were written to protect a very different society than the one in which we currently live. However, they were also written to allow our country to grow.

News editor Kayla Mezzell for the editorial board.