Digital archives are an excellent backup solution

By opening its digital archives on Friday, the Mary Couts Burnett Library introduced a priceless resource for anyone interested in the university’s history.

The digital archives were compiled from the library’s Special Collections Department and, according to June Koelker, dean of the library, it took months for staff members to scan each of the collection’s 3,000 pictures onto computers.

Preservation, however, is an ongoing matter, as Koelker said the library was continually adding to the digital collection.

The benefits of the digital archives have already been reverberating around campus. As recently as Friday, the Daily Skiff used digital copies of the library’s archived photos in Friday’s “100 Years in Fort Worth” special issue.

In addition to achieving greater accessibility and continued preservation, the digital archives also provide an excellent backup source should the original photos ever be lost, damaged or destroyed.

The preservation of the university’s history is an essential matter and the library staff should be commended for doing its part to achieve this end.

Thanks to the efforts of the library and its staff members, current and future students, faculty, staff and anyone else with access to the archives will be able to enjoy the benefits of the collection’s digitalization, and that in itself is perhaps as vital a contribution to the university’s history as any one of the collection’s pictures.

News editor Marshall Doig for the editorial board.