Camp Fire USA to host Lunch and Learn event for parents

Faculty and staff can enhance parenting strategies for raising responsible and independent children in a “Lunch and Learn” event today, a Camp Fire USA representative said.

DeVonna Wicks, who will present the seminar, said the event is part of the Child Care Network, a pilot program through Camp Fire USA, which partnered with the university to help faculty and staff find child care.

“This is one of the benefits with [Child Care Network] besides having a free resource and referral service to top-quality child care centers,” Wicks said. “This is also one of the benefits where we have parent tips and trainings for the parents, with real issues they’re dealing with.”

The “Lunch and Learn” is from noon to 1 p.m. today in the Dee J. Kelly Alumni and Visitors Center.

The presentation is for faculty and staff who are parents with children ranging in age from infants to teenagers, Wicks said.

Wicks said the training would identify areas of responsibility, including task management and social responsiveness, and discuss strategies for improving responsible behavior. The seminar would also strengthen the parent’s place as the teacher of values and effective behavior, she said.

“Our final goal is to increase the confidence in the parents in their ability to raise responsible and independent children,” Wicks said.

The event is free to participants, and any faculty or staff member may attend. Wicks said by Wednesday afternoon, 20 people had given an RSVP for the event, but that an RSVP was not necessary to attend.