TCU Community Renewal University program launches The Drum Cafe

The Drum Cafe of Texas will initiate the public launch of a new community renewal movement tonight in the campus commons, a program director in Student Development Services said.

Daniel Terry said the event begins at 5 p.m. and will aim to strengthen the university’s sense of community.

“Everybody kind of beating in the same rhythm just creates this really amazing feeling of being a part of something that is larger than yourself, which we felt like was really symbolic of the kind of thing that we are trying to communicate with community renewal,” Terry said.

Each participant would be supplied with his or her own drum to participate in a ensemble led by The Drum Cafe, Terry said. With the event, he said he hopes to show the goals of Community Renewal University, a new program created to encourage tight connections on campus.

“It’s not rocket science,” Terry said. “It’s just an attempt to get as many people as possible to just be aware of how they’re investing [themselves] in this community and the importance of doing so.”

He said the drumming event will be the first large scale community-building event this year, and will attempt to get students and the TCU community in tune with the movement.

“I fully anticipate several hundred people to be drumming in the commons [Thursday night] at 5 o’clock,” Terry said.