University would respond to threats through the TCU alert system


If there was a potentially suicidal student that could endanger other students, like in a situation that prompted a lockdown at a Dallas community college campus Monday, the university would respond by using the TCU ALERT, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills said.

According to a Dallas Morning News online article, Brookhaven College had a brief lockdown on campus Monday after several people reported a student intended to kill himself. Students were alerted of the lockdown through e-mail, text messages and Twitter messages.

According to the article, the community college lifted the lockdown after the student was found at his Carrollton apartment without a gun. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation, Dallas police spokeswoman Janice Crowther was quoted as saying.

Mills said it was hard to say exactly what the university would do without much detail on the situation but it would have probably taken similar action.

“If we knew someone who was unstable with a loaded weapon was on the campus, you can bet we would tell people to stay inside,” Mills said.

The university would use all resources available to make sure the person in question was found, he said.|

The university would also employ TCU ALERT to inform students of the situation immediately, Mills said. The system is programmed to send texts and e-mails to students simultaneously to inform them of emergency situations, like a campuswide lockdown.

To confirm or change phone numbers on the TCU ALERT system:

Go to

Click on Student Center in the left-hand menu bar, then click on Student Center link

Scroll down to Personal Information

Choose Phone Numbers from the drop down menu

Enter cell pone number under the “Cellular” category

Save changes