New red light cameras will increase safety awareness

Attention local speed demons 8212; the City of Fort Worth is watching you, but don’t worry, it’s for your own good.

As anyone who has driven down some of the major streets in the university area would know, red light cameras have been popping up at many intersections recently. Flooring it at the last minute as you approach a light may seem like a good way to save time, but you won’t be feeling so sly when a $75 ticket arrives at your doorstep a few weeks later.

To a college kid, this fine may seem like a pain in the drain, but city officials say it’s all for the safety of Fort Worth’s driving population.

Opponents of this new traffic surveillance system have said it’s just another way for the city to pump money out of taxpayers, but these naysayers fail to realize the benefits these camera citations can have. The average driver is most likely consequence-driven when it comes to adhering to legal standards 8212; it’s more worth it to them to slow down and stop at the yellow light than risk racking up a series of fines.

Whether you follow the law for the sake of the law, or you just don’t feel like getting a ticket, you’re still driving safely. Yes, the cost of these red light tickets will increase city revenue, but it’s not for nothing. Next time you feel like flying through an intersection as the light changes, think of safety first. If this doesn’t work, think of your bank account balance. Either way, you’ll make the right decision.

Managing editor Melanie Cruthirds for the editorial board.